Press Room Equipment Cut-To-Length Line Machines


PRE Cut-To-Length Line Machines are built around our standard Single, Double or Bridge Gripper
Air Feeds and Servo Feeds. Powered Straightener/Cut to lengths are also available for your Cut To Length Lines. CTL’s are sized to your material parameters and interfaced with commercial pneumatic, hydraulic or mechanical shears. Also available are precision cut-off dies with carbide or tool steel blades for close tolerance burr free applications.Available in widths up to 60″ in 6″ increments and stroke lengths of 48 inches and longer.Special 60″ wide capacity Double Gripper Air Feed with a Pull-Thru Straightener equipped with a Powered Pinch Roll for easy threading Shear available.Special Cut-to-Length Machine for wire cloth and similar materials such as automotive airbag and filter products. The machine shown has a PRE pneumatic shear, bridge gripper air feed, pull-through straightener and PLC function controller on our standard mounting frame with fork lift tubes. This style of cut-to-length line machine is available up to 24″ wide with strokes up to 48″or more.